About LaPurre

LaPurre is your one stop shop for organic skin and haircare products. LaPurre products are a class apart from your typical skincare products in the market. We help you care for your skin and hair using the finest ingredients that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. We utilize Chinese herbs, organic and food-grade premium quality ingredients in our formulations, keeping it chemical-free, allergen-free and paraben-free. Rest assured, you can bid goodbye to the harmful effects of the chemicals that are present in most of the commercial products, and say hello to great skin and hair by going all natural!

Our all natural skin and hair care products are manufactured using sustainable and eco-friendly methods from production to testing to packaging. Our products are not animal-tested, are tested on humans, and we try using recycled materials as and where we can. We research, formulate and manufacture all our products at our Southern California studio.


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