How We Began

It all began when I tried to address my extremely embarrassing dry hair, and allergic reactions to commercial shampoos and conditioners. In searching for a natural way to take care of my hair condition on the internet, I stumbled on all-natural handmade soaps. At around the same time, I also received a bar of handmade glycerin soap as a gift. It sparked my interest in natural body care. It was an effortless transition, since I have always liked to use natural foods or herbal remedies to address health issues.

I didn’t have to look far for the ingredients for my first batch of soap. Aloe vera and rosemary sprigs from the garden; and avocado oil, olive oil, and grape seed oil in the kitchen combined to make my first batch of soap. From there, those ingredients formed the foundation of the LaPurre Natural soap formula. During the following months, I started to experiment with various herbs and fresh produce. As a result of countless months of trial-and-error, I created a unique process to combine the fresh herbs and produce into the formulation to deliver maximum nutrients directly to the skin. This special process is how we make LaPurre soaps today.

A few weeks into washing my hair and body with my handmade soaps, my dry hair started to have shine and body, and my flaky dry skin disappeared – even without body lotion. I was ecstatic about the results, and started to give my soap to family and friends. The positive feedback, requests for more, and encouragement to turn it to a business convinced me to give it a try. LaPurre was born to help people cope with skin sensitivity and issues like I was facing before.

I believe in the natural healing effects of food and herbs, and that our health is dependent on what you put in your mouth and use on your body. Creating natural body care products fits right in with that philosophy, and I feel very fortunate to do what I love. It is incredibly beautiful to help people nourish their bodies and skin with products that are actually good for them.

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