Our Belief

Since inception, LaPurre® has been about using naturally available ingredients for organic skin and hair care, weeding out the negative effects of the chemical-based products in the market which a majority consumers are not aware of. Under the vision of Derong LaBrie, LaPurre has a team of experts ranging from natural herbalists to Chinese acupuncturists together, all with the same belief in nature's multifaceted goodness. Our Chines herb skin and hair care products utilize premium botanical ingredients, formulated using age-old knowledge and modern researched approaches for the best results. We believe that our chemical-free all-natural skin and hair care products can make our customers more beautiful, healthier and happier.

Our Practice 

Here at LaPurre, we believe in, and practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is aligned to the ancient Chinese belief that: The human body is an indivisible part of the natural world and therefore, is subject to all of its forces. There is innate harmony between the body and the universe, which when lost, creates a series of unhappy and undesired effects. To thrive, we must restore that natural harmony. 

Our practice is geared at helping you find your harmony again, with an array of organic skin and hair care products that guard your vulnerable internal forces from external agents and pathogens. We use the herbal skin and hair care recipes as found in traditional Chinese medicine.

Our line of harmonizing Chinese herb skin and hair care products detoxify, soothe, and heal your skin and hair inside out, helping you get rid of problems such as acne, breakouts, sensitivity, rosacea, eczema, and breakage to name a few. Similarly, our line of anti-aging and nourishing organic skin and hair care products find the harmony in Qi to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and other skin blemishes caused by age or environment.

Reclaim health, happiness, and beauty for your skin and hair with the LaPurre range of Chinese herb skin and hair care products. Start browsing now! 

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